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Top 10 Movie Night Strains



Apple Fritter

GENETICS: Sour Apple X Animal Cookies
EFFECTS: Euphoric, Cheerful, Calming
FLAVOR: Sweet, Cheesy, Fruity
 Apple Fritter has always been in rotation at Red’s Meds. Some phenotypes are more purple, and some are more green, but it’s always the same, subtle high. A pure hybrid that will make you feel relaxed and smiling without feeling weighed down or tired. So, roll up a few joints with some friends and throw on a good comedy or series! You’ll be engaged and enjoying your movie all night!






Banana Runtz

GENETICS: Banana OG X Runtz 
EFFECTS: Euphoric, Uplifting. Relaxing
 FLAVOR: Sweet, Funky,

One of our top selling strains, Banana Runtz is good for any occasion. Especially perfect for a lazy movie night . With a high that rolls in behind the eyes and relaxes every muscle you’ll be open jawed staring at the screen for who knows how long before thinking “When was the last time I blinked?” and snapping out of the world on the screen. Warning: you may clear out all the snacks in the kitchen after smoking this one.






Blueberry Gushers

GENETICS: Gelato #41 X Triangle Kush 
EFFECTS: Relaxed, Happy, Social 
FLAVOR: Fruity, Earthy, Sour

This Indica-dominant strain is certainly an ideal movie night weed! As soon as you light up, you’ll find your stress fly out the window. You’ll be relaxed, giggling, and making jokes or trying to figure out the plot twists with your friends. Blueberry Gushers hits all the marks, beautiful nugs, delicious flavor/aroma, and a hard hitting high that will blast away even those with the highest tolerance.










Cereal Milk

GENETICS: Cookies X Cherry Pie 
EFFECTS: Uplifted, Calming, Happy
FLAVOR: Sweet, Earthy, Cream

Grab your bowl. No … not your cereal bowl! Grab your pipe, pop some popcorn, and throw on a good comedy. Cereal Milk’s well-balanced nature will have you giggling throughout the show with no major crash. You’ll be cheerful and genuinely laughing at even the worst jokes. (Honestly you might just laugh at the bad ones). Its sweet flavor will have you right back to your childhood, eating cereal on Saturday mornings.








Happy Hour

GENETICS: Strawberry Jelly X Don Mega 
EFFECTS: Sleepy, Happy, Relaxing
FLAVOR: Funky, Earthy, Diesel

The name says it all with this one you’ll smoke a bit of this and will literally be happy for hours while you find something to watch. Once you pick something just light up another and enjoy! Happy Hour is fantastic to melt away the stress of the day, help relieve the pain in your feet, and even erase that headache from a long days work. Make sure you have plenty of snacks near by too, Happy Hour is known for its munchie effects.







Ice Cream Cake

GENETICS: Wedding Cake X Gelato #33
 EFFECTS: Relaxing, Happy, Calming 
FLAVOR: Vanilla, Cake, Sweet

We all know Mainers love our hard ice cream, well this ice cream may hit a bit harder than Giffords, but it will make your Giffords that much better! Grab your pint of ice cream and your eighth of Ice Cream Cake and just hit the random button on Netflix. You’ll be entertained no matter what you watch with this one!










GENETICS: Runtz X Grease Monkey 
EFFECTS: Relaxed, Euphoric, Sleepy
FLAVOR: Sweet, Citrus, Diesel

This strain won’t lie… strop strap on your helmet because it really does SLAP! Put on you lazy day clothes, kick your feet up and get comfy. This Indica dominant hybrid will have you relaxed and locked in the couch! Smoke enough and you may make it through the whole movie before you even get up. Don’t get too comfy though….you may miss the best part! ZzZzZz









Trop Runtz

GENETICS: Runtz X Tropic Truffle 
EFFECTS: Creative, Euphoric, Relaxing
FLAVOR: Sweet, Citrus, Tropical

This high potency strain with its crowd-pleasing flavor profile is a favorite for many of our patients and staff. A perfect smoke for your conspiracy theory special – do aliens exist – lets watch a documentary kind of nights. Though your train of thought may get derailed if you smoke too much, you’ll certainly feel its creative effects!










Viper Room

GENETICS: Jigglers X Bahama Mama 
EFFECTS: Relaxing, Euphoric, Uplifting 
FLAVOR: Sweet, Citrus, Tangy

Throw on a good comedy and get ready to giggle. This strain is the perfect refresh button after a long day. You can literally feel the stress wash away after a few good rips of Bitties. Add that to a good Comedy and watch the change in mood as you forget about work and laugh the night away.







White Truffle

GENETICS: 95 Dead X Platinum Kush Mints 
EFFECTS: Sleepy, Relaxed, Euphoric 
FLAVOR: Funky, Earthy, Skunky

White Truffle will hit you like a train. East Coast Cure wasn’t messing around with this drop. Trying to relax and don’t care what you watch or if you finish it? This is your strain! I’d recommend going light on this one in the when you start the film and use it to wind down towards the end of your movie. Or put on something you don’t mind missing bits of here and there. One of my personal favorite strains to relax after a long day

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Tropical Runtz Strain - Red's Meds - High Road - Maine Medical Marijuana Dispensary
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White Truffle Strain - Red's Meds - East Coast Cure - Maine Medical Marijuana Dispensary
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